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Accessories For Your Frameless Shower, Bathroom And Lifestyle

Shower Glass Shelves

Plain, with a soap dish or by design Made with the same 10mm, ‘A’ grade toughened safety glass to compliment your shower cubicle. Like your frameless shower glass is minimalist by design with less fiddly spaces to keep clean.

Bathroom Mirrors

Edges plain flat polished, beveled or by design Other popular designs include rounded corners to ‘soften the room’ or as pictured with a ‘dimension kit’ which effectively stands the mirror off the wall to give ‘dimension’ also available (if planned) with LEDs as pictured to give that extra decor and WOW factor!

Easy clean glass treatment - Ecoseal

Ecoseal is a permanent, easy-clean shower glass coating that seals and protects, keeping glass looking its best and requiring less cleaning.

By preventing the build-up of soap scum, dirt, mold, mildew, bacteria and permanent etching of minerals your shower will look better, be more hygienic and last much longer.

The environmental, economic and ergonomic benefits:

1. No more scrubbing or harsh chemicals
2. Extended time between cleaning
3. Easier to clean by up to 90%
4. More hygienic
5. Longer product lifespan

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